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It all comes down to Love.  It is the driving force behind DJ Roial1.  The love of Music.  The love of Life.  The love for 2 turntables and a dance floor. This force serves as his guide in life and for the inception of Roial 1.

Roial 1 is without format when it comes to the dance floor.  His inspiration is the audience.  His prime aim is to create a sublime mix of musical feats that will be etched into a listener’s memory.  His charisma is undeniable.  His personality blends subtly with his musical direction forging an experience that always elevates the dance floor.


MoreFire Mondays, Sevillas (Riverside,CA)
Florentines Bar (Fullerton,CA)
Tuscany Club (Fullerton,CA)
Proof Bar (Santa Ana,CA)
JLounge Ultra Club (Los Angeles,CA)                                                                                                           Now Boarding (Hollywood, CA)                                                                                                                     Avalon (Hollywood, CA)
Blue Martini Club (Tampa,FL)
Hyde Park Cafe (Tampa,FL)
CrowBar-Ol Dirty Sundays (Ybor City,FL)


Jaipur Lounge (The Fort,Philippines)
Cuisine Lounge (The Fort,Philippines)
Tropicana (Stadtbergen,Germany)
Cat Walk (Augsburg,Germany)
Taste Lounge (Vancouver,BC-Canada)
Republic (Vancouver, BC-Canada)
Fogo’s Lounge (Mississauga,Ontario-Canada)
Augusta House (Toronto,Ontario-Canada)
The Bank (Barrie,Ontario-Canada)
The Jungle (Negril,Jamaica)
Risky Business (Negril,Jamaica)
Margaritaville (Negril,Jamaica)


Avalon (Hollywood,CA)
Beauty Bar Downtown (Las Vegas,NV)
Boardners (Hollywood,CA)
Boulevard 3 (Hollywood,CA)
Cabana Club (Hollywood,CA)
Century Club (Century City,CA)
Club 740 (Los Angeles,CA)
Crash Mansion (Los Angeles,CA)
District (Boston,MA)
Dragonfly (Hollywood,CA)
E, 3rd st Lounge ( Los Angeles,CA)
Envy(San Franciso,CA)
Facade (Hollywood,CA)
Florentine Gardens (Hollywood,CA)
Florentines (Fullerton,Ca)
Forbidden City (Hollywood,CA)
Good Bar (Hollywood,CA)
Gotham Hall (Santa Monica,CA)
Grand Avenue (Los Angeles,CA)
Guest House (NYC)
Hennessey (Dana Point,CA)
Highlands (Hollywood,CA)
Home (NYC)
House of Blues (Anaheim,CA)
Icon Ultra Lounge (Los Angeles,CA)
Impakt (San Francisco,CA)
Julep Bar (Boston,MA)
John Collins Bar (San Fransico,CA)
Jpop Sushi and Lounge, Mandalay Bay (Las Vegas, NV)
Las Palmas (Hollywood,CA)                                                                                                                           Lure (Hollywood, CA)
Mountain Bar (Los Angeles,CA)
Medusa Lounge (Los Angeles,CA)
Moltov Lounge (Austin,TX)
Pearl (NYC)
Plann B (Miami,FL)
Playboy Lounge, Palms Hotel (Las Vegas,NV)
Pop Burger (NYC)
Pure Nightclub Ceasars Palace (Las Vegas,NV)
Red Velvet (Fullerton,CA)
Season Ticket (Irvine,CA)
Soho (NYC)
Suite 101 (Austin,TX)
Sugar (Hollywood,CA)
Tatou (Los Angeles,CA)
Tea NY (NYC)
The Arena (Hollywood,CA)
The Drinkery (Houston,TX)
The Knitting Factory (Hollywood,CA)
The Kennedy (Tampa,FL)
The Larchmont (Hollywood,CA)
The Mayan (Los Angeles,CA)
The Mighty (San Fransico,CA)
The Poetry Lounge, Ceasars Palace (Las Vegas,NV)
The Redwood Lounge (Los Angeles,CA)
Tunnel Nightclub (NYC)
Variety Arts Center (Los Angeles,CA)
Vertigos (Los Angeles,CA)
Vine Lounge (Hollywood,CA)
White Lotus (Hollywood,CA)
West End Johnnies (Boston,MA)

DunkxChange tour
Magic Show (International Fashion Convention)
Pool trade Show
Agenda Trade Show
Active Ride Shop Tour
ASR Trade Show( Active Sports Trade Show)
Skull Candy Tour
MySpace Music Tour
Official EA Games Event DJ
MAC Cosmetics International
Rue 21
ASICS Footwear Event Dj
Acrylick Clothing
SkyHi Clothing

Cochella Music Festival
Lil john
Colby Odonis
Rascoe Omali
Jurassic 5 (akil and Charlie tuna)
George Clinton
Jon B.
Kev brown
Tribe Called Quest
Naughty By Nature
Arrested Development

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